*Dates are updated weekly on the calendar*

Harvest Moon Pond hosts a limited # of Sunday weddings each year, so please inquire at if Sunday is your date of choice.

Calendar of Events

    1 2 3Boyer & Ziolkowski RehearsalBoyer & Ziolkowski Rehearsal+ Google calendar 4Boyer & Ziolkowski WeddingBoyer & Ziolkowski Wedding+ Google calendar 5Cesavz & Voter WeddingCesavz & Voter Wedding+ Google calendar
6 7 8 9 10 11Private EventPrivate Event+ Google calendar 12Varner & Retzlaff WeddingVarner & Retzlaff Wedding+ Google calendar
13 14 15 16 17Dickmann & Meyer WeddingDickmann & Meyer Wedding+ Google calendar 18Bailey & Woods WeddingBailey & Woods Wedding+ Google calendar 19Johnson & Thibo WeddingJohnson & Thibo Wedding+ Google calendar
20 21 22 23 24 25Stluka & Norman WeddingStluka & Norman Wedding+ Google calendar 26Gardiner & Teeters WeddingGardiner & Teeters Wedding+ Google calendar
27 28 29 30      

“I couldn’t have dreamed of a more gorgeous barn venue. Their place has all the charm of a real barn on the inside, with the year-round comfort of an insulated, heated/cooled, newly constructed facility. Absolutely beautiful grounds for taking photos, too.” – Emily, bride





Bride and bridesmaids throwing flowers in the air outside by a fence

“We just had our daughters wedding here and we have heard from many of our guests that this was one of their most favorite weddings they attended. It makes us so happy to hear this but more so that our daughter and son in law expressed their complete satisfaction with the entire day and are so happy they choose this venue. Stephanie, Brian and their entire staff are over the top incredible. Every fine detail attended to. While maintaining exceptional professionalism they also felt like family to us the entire time.” – Tanya, Mother of the Bride

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