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The Harvest Moon Pond Experience

Groom twirling bride outside in front of wedding venue.

Couple holding hands looking at each other and walking behind the barn at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

We’ve all been to wedding venues in Wisconsin where there are several receptions at the same venue. Multiple brides are walking around the venue, along with people not knowing which wedding party belongs to them.

But not on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, your wedding will be the only story told at Harvest Moon Pond.

On your wedding day, you’re the only bride in the entire venue.

You’ll have plenty of time to gather and make memories as you prepare for your big day.

Brides dress hanging on hook in dressing room with her shoes, florals and a vintage green chair.

Bride with long brown hair and a tattoo looking into a mirror to put her earring on.

Brides dress and 3 light pink bridesmaids dresses hanging on wood hooks against white wall in bridal suite.

Bride facing her bridesmaids wearing green dresses as she does a reveal with them.

Four groomsmen with navy suits on leaning over with funny smiles on their face looking at groom.

Groom looking in a mirror while getting ready

It’s easy to feel relaxed at our Wisconsin wedding venue, even when you’re getting ready for your wedding. Maybe you throw out a blanket in the shade and have all your bridesmaids and groomsmen meet for a quick picnic lunch? Maybe you take take a hike around the pond and clear your mind. It’s up to you.

The entire property is yours for the day.


Wedding party in front of the old sheep barn at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

Bride with four bridesmaids in dark green dresses with gray wedding barn in background.

The instant your friends and family arrive, they become part of your story.

Bride's dad walking her down the aisle for her ceremony while she is holding her bouquet and looking at him with a smile on her face.

Bride and groom holding hands after ceremony with bridal party blowing bubbles at our Wisconsin wedding venue

Wedding party, bride, groom and officiant standing under willow trees for ceremony with bride and groom holding hands.

A pair of weeping willow trees has stood proudly for decades in this 165-year-old farm.

They are the perfect backdrop for your ceremony at our wedding venue in Wisconsin.

We’re not afraid of a little rain here at Harvest Moon Pond, but if you’d rather not deal with it, we have you covered.

If it rains or you’re planning a winter wedding or you’d just prefer an indoor space, it’s fine. We have that, too. And it’s yours.


This is Wisconsin, after all. We can’t control the weather, but you have options when you book an entire venue.


Our indoor venue is fully temperature-controlled and handicap accessible and available should you want it. (And you don’t have to pay extra for it.)

Bride and groom walking in the rain with the groom holding an umbrella over them at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

There’s no limit to the options your photographer will find to capture the beauty of you and your day on this unique and very special 18-acre property. From the original Town Hall where, a hundred years ago, couples just like you came to get their marriage licenses, to the old sheep barn and pasture where long ago, cows and sheep once grazed, to the two whimsical willow trees that serve as the perfect canvas and backdrop to your outdoor ceremony – where your love story as Mr. & Mrs begins.

An old windmill overlooks the spring-fed pond and the fields where Mr. George Stevens and his family once harvested their crops. They used horses in the 1860’s, not tractors. And Lincoln was President.

That’s history that can’t be replicated in modern wedding venues in Wisconsin.

That’s part of the story your guests will remember.

Bride and groom with their arms around eachother, walking away from camera towards willow trees.

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk under willow trees branches.

After the ceremony, your little cousins have ditched their dress-up shoes and are playing tag in the vast open field. Your guests are catching up on the patio, strung with lights, fire roaring. There is no one shuffling your guests off the patio for the next wedding party. The patio is yours for the entire night.

Patio with wood burning fireplace and string lights above, pond in background at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

2 yound boys playing corn hole on the patio while a group of guests enjoy the fireplace in the background.

Bride and groom dancing in front of outdoor fireplace with string lights above them at our Wisconsin wedding venue

Bride and groom running through trees at sunset at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

When it comes to amenities, our fully renovated Wisconsin wedding barn has everything a modern venue has.

But a modern venue doesn’t have everything this barn has.

You glance up and see the bell that rang over 125 years ago to let farmers know dinner was ready. Instead of hard-working farmers coming back to eat, your friends and family are there, celebrating your love.

Before you cut the cake, you look around the barn full of people you know and love and see them relaxed, having fun, happy – just what you envisioned.

You know that your story wouldn’t be complete without them.

Bride and groom cheering in wedding barn after cutting their 2 tiered wedding cake with blue flowers at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

And as you dance the night away, your guests linger, not wanting to leave this magical wedding – your magical wedding.

Bride and groom dancing outside under the lights at our Wisconsin wedding venue

Bride and groom dancing inside the barn under lights at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

Bride and groom dancing in barm with guests watching in background at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

Bride and groom kissing on the dance floor in wedding barn with chandeliers above at our wedding venue in Wisconsin

And as you finally say goodbye to your guests, they all tell you they’ll never forget the amazing time they had at your wedding. And you believe them. You’ll never forget this day, either.


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