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Vendor Resources

Welcome Vendors!

Client experience is a top priority for us at Harvest Moon Pond and we know a huge part of that is the vendor team they hire for their wedding day! We truly value & support all of the vendors we have had the pleasure of working with so far & look forward to meeting other wedding industry professionals as we partner together to provide a great experience for our couples!  We hope your vendor experience here at our wedding venue near Madison, WI is nothing short of amazing! We can’t wait to meet you (or work with you again)!


The guidelines below have been created with our client’s best interests in mind and are in place to create the best experience at our venue. We hope the FAQ’s below will be a great resource for you and look forward to working together!


General Questions:


As a vendor, do I need to be approved to provide services at Harvest Moon Pond?

Yes. All vendors must be licensed (where applicable) & insured and provide documents to Harvest Moon Pond prior to being approved.  See below for more insurance information.


What are your arrival & departure guidelines?


  • Venue rental time frame: For Friday & Saturday weddings, our rental time frame is 10am-11:59pm.  All vendor arrivals, deliveries and pick ups must take place during the venue rental time frame.
  • Arrival & Parking:Please enter through our main driveway entrance off Allen Drive. Please do not enter through the driveway near the white farmhouse as this is an exit only. If you have a lot to unload you are welcome to park in the load in area (circle/turnaround area in front of barn, closest to the north entrance). Please make sure to not block the driveway entrances to allow through traffic.  
  • Loading: Everything must be loaded in and out through the vendor door near our prep kitchen as the main entrance will be reserve for clients and their guests.  Please limit your time parking to unload to 30 minutes to allow other vendors to unload as well. After load-in please move your vehicle (s) to the main parking lot (unless the Harvest Moon Pond venue manager has permitted you to park elsewhere.)


Do you have any industry specific information that would be helpful for me as a new vendor at Harvest Moon Pond?

This section is coming soon! We are working behind the scenes to create more helpful information for vendors and will post it below once they are finalized.


What are the insurance requirements for vendors at Harvest Moon Pond?

All vendors must be insured and provide documents to Harvest Moon Pond prior to being approved.  Exceptions include: officiant and vendors who will not be on site (e.g., floral that is being picked up from the floral shop, hotels, dress/tux shops, etc). Any vendor providing food shall provide their license and insurance regardless if they will be onsite or not.  Please pass the insurance requirements below on to your insurance agent so they can send us your COI.  

  • Any VENDOR of goods and services: must maintain a minimum of $1 million in General Liability Insurance
  • Such insurance shall include the name of the business who is insured.
  • Such insurance shall include a waiver of subrogation.
  • Such insurance shall name Harvest Moon Pond as an additional insured.
  • Such insurance shall include the date you are providing services.
  • Since we do not have a contract with you as a vendor, please make sure no language is included regarding that.
  • View a sample COI: Click here


Please add our location your insurance certificate in the certificate holder section:

Harvest Moon Pond, LLC, N3540 State Rd. 22, Poynette, WI 53955

  • All COI’s should be emailed to hello@harvestmoonpond.com. (Please do not have these sent in the mail)
  • Please make sure the name of the couple and wedding date are included in the email.
  • Please have your agent send the COI automatically yearly upon renewal if you are a regular vendor at Harvest Moon Pond.
  • The COI and license must be provided at least ninety (90) days prior to the event and Vendors without the correct documents will NOT be permitted to provide goods/services for the event and/or will NOT be permitted on the grounds of Harvest Moon Pond.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get insurance if I’m not currently insured?

Yes. For vendors who are not currently insured, we would suggest talking to your local insurance agent to get a quote for a policy to protect your business and extend coverage when you are working on site at other locations.  A few vendors obtain single day insurance coverage from credible online sources, so you may be able to find other options online


Does Harvest Moon Pond have preferred vendor list?

Yes, we provide this as a service to our couples. With the exception of their Catering and DJ service providers, our couples are welcome to book their favorite outside wedding vendors for their special day at Harvest Moon Pond as long as they send the appropriate license and insurance as listed above.


Can you add my business to Harvest Moon Pond’s preferred vendor list?

We are not currently adding to our preferred vendor list, but if you are hired by a couple for their wedding day, feel free to inquire afterwards.



Thank you for partnering with us at Harvest Moon Pond to create a beautiful wedding day for each couple.  We believe in order to have the best event possible, it’s crucial that everyone works together.