Types of Wedding Planners and Why You Need One

Working with an experienced, professional wedding planner can take a huge weight off you and your partner, ultimately helping you to enjoy the entire process. Between securing vendors, organizing your RSVPs, and managing your budget, planning can be quite a bit of work! Add this to your normal day-to-day responsibilities, and it’s enough to make even the most organized of couples stressed.

There are different types of wedding planners, and their roles vary from one to the next. Whether you are looking for a professional to help you plan all of the details from start to finish or you want someone to make your plans a reality, there is an amazing planner out there for you!

Full-Service Planner

A full-service planner will handle everything from start to finish— from crafting the vision of your event to hiring and meeting with your vendors to coordinating a weekend of activities for your guests. This option is best for couples looking to entertain guests for the weekend, couples planning an intricate destination wedding, or for couples who simply want a professional to guide them through every step of the wedding planning process and throughout the big day.

Possible Roles of a Full-Service Planner

  • Handling vendor communication
  • Setting up escort cards
  • Corralling your bridesmaids on wedding day
  • Helping with small details such as choosing colors and flowers

Month-of Coordinator

For assistance during the crucial crunch time leading up to wedding day (but not throughout the entire process), a month-of coordinator may be a good fit. Typically, a month-of coordinator will begin working with you anywhere from 4-5 weeks prior to your wedding day. They can assist you in reviewing vendor contracts, conducting your ceremony rehearsal, setting up your rehearsal dinner, and bringing your personal belonging to the venue on wedding day. They can also manage any necessary post-wedding duties, like tipping vendors, packing and returning your belongings, gifts and cards, and packing or returning items to vendors.

Possible Roles of a Month-of Coordinator

  • Finalizing contract negotiations
  • Making vendor payments
  • Arranging deliveries for wedding day

Day-of Coordinator

If you are looking to do most of the planning on your own, but want to hand to reigns to some one else on the big day, a Day-of Coordinator may be the right choice for you. Typically, you begin working with them 2-4 weeks before the wedding day. They will help you with a wedding day game plan, but you are still in charge of communicating with vendors in advance. Having a professional running your wedding day will greatly decrease your stress levels.

Possible Roles of a Day-of Coordinator

  • Directing vendors to their places
  • Managing decor setup and breakdown
  • Making sure the day is running on schedule

Decision Maker for the Day

In the absence of a professional wedding planner, you should designate a “decision maker for the day”. Ideally this person would not be you, your spouse to-be, nor a member of the wedding party, as you should enjoy spending the day with one another, uninterrupted. Your decision-maker should be intimately familiar with your plans in order to guide and answer questions from vendors as needed. By no means do they have to make every decision for you, but they should know you well enough to know when to come ask you a questions, and when to just make the decision themselves.

Wedding Planners for a Harvest Moon Pond Wedding

While we do not require a wedding planner to host your wedding at Harvest Moon Pond, we could not stress enough how much it is worth it. About 60% of our couples enlist the services of a professional wedding planner, and 100% of those clients did not regret the decision.


We work with many phenomenal wedding planners each year. Our couples have access to the Harvest Moon Pond preferred vendor list, where we highlight some of the planners that we work with as well as vendors in all other aspects of your wedding.

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