Become a part of our history


Come be a part of our history!

We started a new tradition at Harvest Moon Pond and are so excited! It is important to us that we preserve the historic charm of the beautiful 1865 barn, honor the legacy of the families who started it all, and now we are thrilled to add to the history at Harvest Moon Pond in our own way. All of the couples who get married here become a part of our history and the horseshoe will be our symbol.


Horse shoes are a symbol of luck and protection. One horse shoe will be engraved with the couple’s names & their wedding date (this one will remain at the barn, becoming a part of our history) and the other horse shoe will go home with the couple as a keepsake from their special day (to be hung in their home above one of their doors for good luck & protection).


We are excited to honor every couple as they become part of our history at Harvest Moon Pond and hope that for years to come, people will come back to visit and find their horseshoe in the barn.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Brittany Eitsert Photography

An engraved horseshoe posed next to a bride's wedding shoes

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