Are you planning a wedding and wondering when is the best time of year to get married in Wisconsin? I may be a little biased, but Wisconsin truly is a beautiful place to get married any time of year. Each season has its own benefits and is beautiful in its own way. 

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which month is the best fit for you, so I hope this guide will be helpful for you to determine what is most important to you. With that being said, there’s no wrong time to get married to your soulmate.

Busiest Months for a Wedding in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the busy season is considered to be May-October when the weather is most predictable and offers the best opportunities for outdoor weddings and festivities. 

As an indoor and outdoor venue, the busiest months for weddings at our Madison, WI wedding venue are May-October as well. This allows couples to utilize the inside space as well as the outdoor space. Saturdays in June, September & October tend to be the months that are the most sought after, but Friday weddings and off season weddings certainly have their perks too.

Best time of year to get married in Wisconsin

Choosing a Month by the Season

The best way to choose a month for your special day is to first choose what season is perfect for you. Although Wisconsin is beautiful year-round, each season offers it’s own unique benefits and downfalls.


Spring wedding in WI

Spring is a great time to get married in Wisconsin! If you are from here you already know how special Springtime is after a long and cold winter.  The weather is warmer, the grass is green, the flowers are starting to bloom and people just tend to be in such a great mood!  

Another perk of a Springtime wedding is the availability of your guests to attend.  Your friends and family are most likely to travel over the summer months in Wisconsin, plus you aren’t competing with any major holidays or football season in the Spring.  If you prefer a larger wedding, this would be something to take into consideration.

At Harvest Moon Pond, we have amazing flower gardens throughout the property and the Spring weddings get a glimpse of the tulips and many other gorgeous blooms.  Cool evening fires on our patio and gorgeous sunsets are a perk too!

Since our peak season pricing starts May 1st, couples choosing an earlier Spring wedding in late March or April will also get to take advantage of more affordable pricing.


Bride and groom running down road holding hands and smiling while the sunset and trees glow in the background during a summer wedding

Nothing beats Summers in Wisconsin! Summer days are hard to beat, and summer nights are even harder.  Summer is filled with longer daylight hours and this allows couples the flexibility of having a later ceremony as well.  This can mean more time to get ready, a cooler ceremony & cocktail hour, and plenty of daylight to capture all those important photos.

Although some summer days can be warm in Wisconsin, it is not unbearable like it can be in the South.  Serving a signature cocktail or having an ice cream truck during cocktail hour are some fun ways to keep your guests cool and add to the experience of the day.

At Harvest Moon Pond, we feel we have the best of it all when it comes to summer weddings.  From gorgeous grounds filled with an array of flowers in bloom, to a shaded patio and air conditioning inside.

Couples can choose from an indoor ceremony in our newly updated loft area or one of our 4 outside locations as well.  All of our entertainment areas are either in the shade or inside the air conditioned venue,  so guests are comfortable no matter where they are spending time.

Our patio here is one of a kind and in the summertime it gets more hours of use than any other season of the year.  Outdoor fires, yard games, outdoor bar, music, and some of the most peaceful views.  


Beautiful fall wedding in Wisconsin

There is something special about the changing of the leaves that completely changes the look of Wisconsin in the Fall. As the summer heat is leaving and cooler temperatures are coming in, many in Wisconsin say this weather is their favorite.

With the changing natural landscape, wedding photographers can capture some of the most beautiful memories for couples. We love to see the wide array of vibrant colors couples choose for their color palette this time of year too.

At Harvest Moon Pond we see the landscape start to change in early-mid September.  The willow trees stay green, but the maple trees start turning a beautiful shade of orange/red.  New flowers are in bloom in the flower gardens, and cool night fires on the patio are a must!

Many couples choose to have their first dance on the patio under the string lights as the evenings start a little earlier.  Your guests will love the outdoor patio and heat lamps while enjoying a cool Fall evening.

Since our off season pricing starts November 1st, couples choosing a late Fall wedding in November will also get to take advantage of more affordable pricing as well.


Winter wedding in WI

If you like cozy and intimate , then a Wisconsin winter wedding might be just for you. Although Winter weddings mean colder weather, capturing outdoor wedding photos in the fresh or falling snow will make your photos look like a winter wonderland! 

Adding shawls or fur accessories can not only add elegance to your photos, but you will stay warm.  Maybe even pack a few hand warming packs in your pockets.  Some couples add a hot cocoa bar or warm signature cocktail to add to their guests’ experience as well.

Since the winter months in Wisconsin are a slower time of year for weddings, choosing a wedding January-March, will likely save you extra money.  If you are looking for a shorter engagement time, you will also find more availability for venues and vendors

Harvest Moon Pond Winter weddings are one of our favorites! With the beautiful gas fireplace in the barn, the twinkle lights and the soft barn wood everyone feels comfortable and welcome.  It truly is magical and cozy!

Wedding ceremony chairs at our venue offering the perfect space for weddings during any season in Wisconsin

Now that you have picked the perfect season or month for your wedding day, consider hosting your special day at our beautiful Wisconsin barn wedding venue. We are a modern venue offering both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations, everything you need for a wedding and the perfect backdrop for a wedding during any time of the year!


PHOTO CREDITS: Twig & Olive Photography, Tara Draper Photography, Lindsay Meffert Photo, Theresa McGuire Photography, Blue Dorr Photography, Cjefko Photography

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